This Creamy Whole30 Coleslaw recipe is super easy, quick, and delicious! Classic coleslaw is a great side dish and this Whole30 version is even better. This recipe is fresh, flavorful, and the best coleslaw I’ve ever had!

A bowl filled with Whole30 Coleslaw.

This creamy healthy coleslaw recipe is super easy to make! Coleslaw can get a bad rep from being mushy, too watery or runny. This homemade coleslaw recipe is way better than store bought! In addition, the finely chopped cabbage and creamy coleslaw dressing are the perfect pairing.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Say goodbye to store bought mushy coleslaw. Say hello to this extra creamy Whole30 coleslaw:

  • This recipe requires only a few ingredients.
  • Coleslaw has never been easier!
  • The homemade Whole30 coleslaw dressing is easy, quick, and so creamy.
  • This coleslaw is great with almost every dinner!
  • This is an easy, healthy and delicious side dish.

What is Coleslaw?

Coleslaw is shredded cabbage mixed with mayonnaise and eaten as a salad. Sometimes, other vegetables are added. In this Whole30 coleslaw recipe, I used shredded carrots and cabbage. To keep this Whole30, I used Whole30 mayonnaise.

Salad ingredients

Recipe Steps

Step 1

First, add all ingredients to a mixing bowl.

Step 2

Gently stir until coleslaw is all coated in mayonnaise.

Bowl with coleslaw

Step 3

Finally, top with extra chopped green onions and serve!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is coleslaw Keto?

Yes, coleslaw is Keto. Cabbage is a low carb vegetable and the remaining ingredients are low carb as well. In fact, coleslaw is a great Keto side dish! It is low carb and sugar free.

Is coleslaw Whole30 approved?

Traditional coleslaw is not Whole30 approved, but this recipe is. For more information, check out my Ultimate Guide to Whole30 for more recipes, tips and tricks.

Coleslaw with chopped green onions in a bowl.

How do you make coleslaw from scratch?

Shredding cabbage and carrots with a homemade dressing make this coleslaw homemade. For an easier version, buy the bagged coleslaw mix and use those pre-shredded veggies.

What is coleslaw mix made of?

Coleslaw mix (or bagged coleslaw) is made of shredded cabbage and shredded carrots. To make a homemade version, shred cabbage.

What do I serve with coleslaw?

Coleslaw is a great side dish. Pair with Whole30 Steak, Whole30 Pulled Pork, or Whole30 BBQ Chicken Bowls! In addition, coleslaw pairs well with many dinners. It is versatile and great for any time of the year!

Whole30 bbq chicken bowl

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A bowl filled with Whole30 Coleslaw.

Get the Recipe: Creamy Whole30 Coleslaw

This creamy Whole30 Coleslaw recipe is super easy, healthy and delicious! This classic side dish is quick and tasty. It is great for summer BBQs, holidays, or an easy weeknight dish!
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  • First, add all ingredients to a mixing bowl. Stir until everything is coated in mayonnaise.
  • Garnish with extra chopped green onions. Add a squeeze of lemon juice if desired.
  • Lastly, serve!


  • If using a bagged coleslaw mix, use only vegetables (NOT the dressing that typically comes with it).
  • Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.
  • My favorite Whole30 approved mayonnaise is from Primal Kitchen Foods.
Calories: 129kcal, Carbohydrates: 1g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 14g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Trans Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 8mg, Sodium: 119mg, Potassium: 9mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 13IU, Vitamin C: 1mg, Calcium: 3mg, Iron: 1mg

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