These are the best Trader Joe’s gluten free products and items! Whether you are Celiac, gluten free, or not, check out these amazing offerings. Trader Joe’s is a great gluten free friendly grocery store. You are bound to find some new favorites!

To help you with your grocery shopping, check out these Trader Joe’s gluten free products! I have bought all of them in the past and several are weekly staples. I especially love the gluten free English muffins, turkey burgers, and fall seasonal items. Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has a list of gluten free items on their website!

Trader Joe's gluten free products.

What is Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is a speciality grocery store. This grocery store is nationwide and very popular.

Trader Joe’s is committed to providing many gluten free products, foods and options.

It is known for their friendly workers, fresh options, and many unique products.

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Top Gluten Free Items & Products

There are so many amazing gluten free products at this popular grocery store. They are broken out by meal type below.

Breakfast & Brunch

Next to their bread selection, these gluten free bagels are amazing. I have never found another gluten free bagel as delicious as Trader Joe’s (other than my homemade gluten free bagels). They are sold in a 4 pack and freeze well. Top them with peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, or mashed avocado for an easy breakfast. They sell for $4.49 for a 4-pack currently.

Trader Joe's bagels in bag

In other breakfast related news, Trader Joe’s has a great selection of gluten free muffins. Flavors include cinnamon coffee cake and double chocolate muffins.

Trader Joe’s oatmeal and instant oatmeal are both great breakfast options. The ancient grain & super seed oatmeal is loaded with healthy ingredients and nutrients. In addition, the instant oatmeal is quick, easy and simple.

For homemade brunch or breakfast, look out for their gluten free buttermilk pancake mix. It is easy to make and tastes like your childhood favorite! In the fall, be on the lookout for the pumpkin pancake mix! Consider making these Bananas Foster Pancakes with it.

If grab and go is more your style, check out the frozen gluten free pancakes. Additionally, Trader Joe’s has delicious gluten free frozen waffles. They are super easy for kids.

Frozen toaster waffles.

Lunch & Dinner

Their gluten free hamburger buns are a great option. Delicious for grilled meats and quick sandwiches. I also love my homemade gluten free buns!

The gluten free mac & cheese is loaded with cheese. It is creamy, cheesy and does not taste gluten free! For a homemade version, make my gluten free mac and cheese.

Trader Joe's gluten free mac and cheese.

In more pasta related news, keep an eye out for their gluten free ravioli. Cook up some ravioli and serve it with homemade gluten free garlic bread. Yum!

Alternatively, the hearts of palm pasta is a great healthy choice. Easy to make and secretly healthy.

For a fresher option, buy their cauliflower pizza crusts. They are fresh, not frozen, and great for pizzas, wraps and flatbreads.

The Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi is mind blowing. It is gluten free and great as a pasta alternative. I cook it in my air fryer and top it with marinara sauce.

Cauliflower gnocchi.

In the canned food aisle, many of their soups are gluten free. The organic split pea soup and organic lentil vegetable soup are quick and easy options. In addition, the roasted tomato soup is a very popular choice!

Creamy tomato soup.

Many of the meat options are naturally gluten free. As always, double check nutrition labels and ingredient lists. Some notable options are chicken sausage, whole chickens, and oven roasted turkey breast. This Sausage Stir Fry is a great dinner.

Frozen Foods at Trader Joe’s

In the frozen aisle, check out the frozen turkey burgers, buffalo burgers and grass fed burgers. They are all easy, convenient, and healthy. They start at $5 for a 4 pack. The buffalo burgers are $10 for a 4 pack.

In the frozen food section, check out their pizza options. The pizza with a cauliflower crust is great! They have so many great gluten free frozen meals and frozen dinners.

In addition, their mini beef tacos are gluten free. The mini chicken tacos are made with corn tortillas. They are gluten free also. Try these homemade tortillas too!

Their new spaghetti squash spirals are a great low carb option. Pair with pasta sauce, pesto, Alfredo sauce, or olive oil. Try this chicken bacon spaghetti squash for an easy dinner.

Frozen burgers.

Likewise, many of the chips are gluten free. Some of my favorites include grainless tortilla chips, quinoa and black bean infused tortilla chips, corn chip dippers and cauliflower crisps.

Tortilla chip aisle at Trader Joe's.


During the fall, the gluten free pumpkin baking mix is a must! It is marketed as a muffin and bread mix, but it is versatile.

The oat chocolate bars are both gluten free and Vegan. Additionally, they are great for baking and snacking. Chop them up and add them to these Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookes.

The sour jelly beans are sweet, sour, and addicting. Proceed with caution!

The non-dairy chocolate oat bars are insane. They are great for kids, summer desserts, and more. Look for them in the frozen section.

Frozen chocolate oat bars.

The Joe Joe’s are the gluten free version of Oreos. Yum!

Lastly, the Scandinavian swimmers are fun gummy bears.


Gluten free baking can be tough. Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has many great gluten free baking ingredients. For all of my sweet treats, check out these Dessert Recipes!

Gluten free flour is vital to gluten free baking. Trader Joe’s makes an in house flour blend. Great for cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cakes. It is only $3.99 for 1 pound, which is significantly cheaper than most brands.

Gluten free all purpose flour.

Almond flour is another great gluten free baking flour. This version is extra finely ground, which is great for baking. I used this flour to make these Almond Flour Cookies. This grain free flour is usually expensive. This bag sells for $6.49.

Trader Joe's almond flour.

Everyone loves brownies! This easy gluten free brownie mix is chocolaty, rich and decadent. Super easy to make. Check out these Brownie Mix Cookies for a fun recipe. For $3.99, this is a great deal for gluten free brownie mix.

Use the brownie mix to make this Brownie Cake!

Gluten free brownie mix.

This almond flour chocolate chip cookie mix is great for baking. In addition, this mix is Vegan. It sells for $4.99 which is somewhat expensive for a batch of cookies.

Almond flour chocolate chip cookie mix.

Snacks & Other

This gluten free bread is one of the best gluten free products at Trader Joe’s! It is soft, fluffy, and has the best texture. Freeze and thaw as needed. Great for sandwiches, French toast, air fryer toast, and avocado toast.

This toasted coconut granola is excellent. It is crunchy and has so many great textures and flavors. Add it to smoothies, smoothie bowls and yogurts. For only $3.99, it is a great deal.

Toasted coconut granola.

Many of the protein bars are gluten free. Always double check nutrition labels and ingredient lists. Notable ones include RX bars and ABC bars.

Protein bars in Trader Joe's.

For a fun and surprising flavor combination, check out the key lime popcorn.

Everything but the bagel crackers are crispy, crunchy and flavorful. Pair with cheese or grapes for an easy appetizer.


Trader Joe’s has a great price point. Many of their gluten free products are significantly more affordable than other grocery stores.

While gluten free products are typically more expensive than regular products, Trader Joe’s does a great job at making them inexpensive.

The bread, bagels, granola, and brownie mix are the best deals. In addition, the gluten free all purpose flour is much cheaper than most brands.

The prices are subject to change based on availability, location, and time of year.

Produce aisle at grocery store.

Seasonal Products

This grocery store is known for their exclusive seasonal products.

In the springtime, look out for citrus flavors and offerings. In addition, there are many lemon flavored products.

For summer, check out their popsicles and increased ice cream options.

Trader Joe’s does pumpkin very well! In the fall, buy anything and everything pumpkin flavored. Trust me on this one!

Lastly, they offer many fun and festive holiday products. The Candy Cane Joe Joe’s taste like peppermint Oreos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gluten free items does Trader Joe’s carry?

Trader Joe’s carries as many as 75 gluten free items at a time.

Is Trader Joe’s gluten free friendly?

Yes, Trader Joe’s is very friendly for gluten free.

Is it expensive?

No. They are known as an affordable grocery store.

Where are they located?

There are over 500 stores located in 42 states.

Peanut butter jars.

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