This air fryer ribeye steak is incredibly juicy, hearty and flavorful! This recipe takes only 20 minutes from start to finish and yields the most irresistible steak. Using an air fryer makes this process extremely easy, quick, simple and straightforward!

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Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • This air fryer ribeye steak is cooked perfectly.
  • It is not dry or bland.
  • This is the best ribeye steak!
  • The Ninja air fryer does all the hard work and yields the best texture and flavor.
  • The ribeyes are extremely flavorful and juicy.
  • This recipe is made without a grill and without an oven.
  • No need to flip the steak.
  • Since the steak is not flipped, none of the juices leak out. This steak is very juicy.
  • It is the most hands off and easy way to cook ribeye steak.
  • These steaks are Whole30, Paleo, Keto, low carb, gluten free, easily made dairy free, and sugar free.
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  • For the pressure cooker version, check out this Instant Pot Steak.

What is Ribeye Steak?

Ribeye steak comes from the beef rib section of cows. It is regarded as one of the best steaks to buy. Ribeye is the meat between the ribs. This cut of meat can be grilled, baked, air fried, sautéed or pressure cooked.

This section contains more fat, which creates the white lines of fat throughout. This yields extra juicy and tender steak! The more fat, the more flavor.

This Ninja air fryer ribeye steak is incredibly flavorful.

For filet mignon, try this Air Fryer Filet Mignon!

Ribeye steak with potatoes

Ingredients & Substitutions

These are the main ingredients and substitutions for air fryer ribeye steak. Scroll down to the recipe card for full ingredients list and instructions.

Use high quality boneless ribeye for best results. Bone in can be used, but increase air frying time. Steak about 1 inch thick is the sweet spot. It is thick enough to enjoy, but not too thick that it takes forever to cook.

If you have sirloin, try this Top Sirloin Steak recipe.

The sea salt and pepper add a little bit of flavor! Feel free to adjust to your taste.

Both garlic powder and onion powder add some seasoning while not being overpowering.

Feel free to pair your air fryer ribeye steaks with any dipping sauce. BBQ sauce, ketchup, Korean BBQ Sauce, or other sauces work well.

Taste & Texture

This air fryer steak tastes like a hearty and flavorful steak! The easy dry rub seasoning is flavorful enough to be noticed, but subtle enough to let the steak shine.

This steak is incredibly juicy and tender. Let the steak sit for 5 minutes after air frying to allow the juices to remain in the steak. This method yields super moist steak. It is melt in your mouth delicious!

Steak Doneness & Internal Temperatures

Air frying time depends on air fryer brand, thickness of steak, and personal preference. Below is the different internal temperatures for steak.

Rare has a cool pink center and is soft. The internal temperature is approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium rare has a warm pinkish red color and is the most popular choice. The internal temperature is approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium has a hot red center and is more firm than medium rare. The internal temperature is approximately 135 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium well has very little red left in its center. The internal temperature is approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well done steak is brown throughout and is the most firm. The internal temperature is approximately 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a meat thermometer to accurately read air fryer ribeye steak temperature.

DonenessInternal Temperature
Rare120 degrees Fahrenheit
Medium Rare130 degrees Fahrenheit
Medium140 degrees Fahrenheit
Medium Well150 degrees Fahrenheit
Well Done160 degrees Fahrenheit

How to Cook Ribeye Steak

Step 1

First, preheat air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Season both sides of ribeye steaks with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.

Seasoned steak on plate

Step 3

Add steaks to air fryer basket.

Steak in air fryer basket

Step 4

Air fry for 9 to 11 minutes, checking internal temperature of steaks with meat thermometer. Depending on air fryer brand and thickness of steak, this time will vary. Mine took 10 minutes for medium.

Steak in air fryer

Step 5

Finally, remove air fryer ribeye steaks from heat. Top with butter, herbs, or desired steak sauce.

Expert Tips & Tricks

Use a high quality ribeye for best flavor. For best results, use fresh steak instead of previously frozen.

Allow steak to come to room temperature before seasoning and air frying. This yields the best flavor and texture.

If using frozen, allow the steak to fully thaw and reach room temperature before air frying.

Be generous with seasonings. Salt and pepper add a great flavor to ribeye steak.

Check internal temperature with a meat thermometer to prevent over cooking or under cooking.

Check steaks after 8 or 9 minutes. You can always cook longer if needed!

What is Ribeye Steak?

Ribeye steak is a popular cut of beef that is taken from the rib section of a cow.

It is also known as a ribeye or rib eye, and sometimes referred to as a “Delmonico” steak. This cut is well-marbled with fat, which gives it a rich flavor and tenderness.

The ribeye is often considered one of the most flavorful and juiciest cuts of beef. It is a popular choice for grilling or pan searing. It can be cooked to various levels of doneness, from rare to well-done, depending on personal preference.

Overall, this air fryer ribeye steak is a delicious and satisfying choice for meat lovers.

How to Serve & Store

Serve air fryer ribeye steak after it has been air fried and allowed to sit for 5 minutes. This allows the juice to stay inside the steak.

Serve with Whole30 French Fries, Whole30 Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Potatoes or this Dairy Free Potato Salad! For Keto, serve with side salad.

They are seen here served with Air Fryer Diced Potatoes.

Medium steak on plate

How to Choose the Perfect Ribeye

Grass fed steak tends to be more flavorful than grain fed. In addition, it is healthier.

Look at the white marbling. This is fat and adds so much flavor!

Choose a steak with some thickness. A steak about 1 inch in thickness is best for creating a crispy exterior and soft tender interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ribeyes good in the air fryer?

Yes, ribeyes are great in the air fryer.

How long does it take to cook steak in the air fryer?

This depends on the thickness of steak and air fryer brand.

Do I need to flip the steak?

No, there is no need to flip the steaks.

Will my air fryer steak be juicy?

Yes, your air fryer ribeye steak will be juicy! Allow the steak to sit for 5 minutes after air frying to retain its juices.

Is this recipe gluten free?

Yes, this air fryer ribeye steak recipe is gluten free.

How long do you cook ribeye steak?

This ribeye steak takes only 10 minutes. The ribeye steak cooking time depends on thickness, level of heat and level of doneness preferred. It is just as quick and easy as this Skirt Steak Recipe!

Ribeye steak with butter

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Air fryer steak and potatoes

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Ribeye Steak

This air fryer ribeye steak is incredibly tender, juicy and flavorful! It takes only minutes to prepare and comes out so delicious every single time. Making a ribeye in the air fryer is quick, easy and so tasty!
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  • First, preheat air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Season both sides of steaks with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Place steaks in air fryer basket.
  • Once air fryer is preheated, place basket in air fryer.
  • Air fry for about 9 to 11 minutes. The thicker the steak, the longer it will take to cook through.
  • Use meat thermometer to test internal temperature. A medium rare steak is about 135 degrees Fahrenheit internally. See blog post above for specific cooking times and temperatures.
  • Finally, remove from heat. Allow steak to sit for 5 minutes to retain its juices. Then, top with sliced butter, herbs, or steak sauce if desired.


  • I used boneless ribeye steaks for this recipe.  They were about 1 inch thick.
  • All air fryers are different so cooking time may vary.  Thicker or thinner steaks will require different cooking times.
  • I cooked mine 10 minutes for medium.
  • Use a meat thermometer to check temperature of steak.
  • For rare, air fry about 8 minutes, medium rare 9 minutes, medium 10 minutes, medium well 11 minutes and well done 12+ minutes.  These are all according to my air fryer and may vary depending on which brand you have.
  • I have the Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill which has an air fryer setting.  
  • Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 4 days.
Calories: 476kcal, Carbohydrates: 1g, Protein: 46g, Fat: 32g, Saturated Fat: 14g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g, Monounsaturated Fat: 15g, Cholesterol: 138mg, Sodium: 700mg, Potassium: 626mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 37IU, Vitamin C: 1mg, Calcium: 21mg, Iron: 4mg

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