I recently attended the Fresh Air Retreat for food bloggers and content creators in Austin, Texas! This fun three-day event was centered around the business of blogging and learning from fellow bloggers. We had several generous sponsors who made this experience so fun and tasty. Read on to learn more about what the Fresh Air Retreat is, what meals we ate, where we went, and what I learned!

Fresh air retreat.

A big thank you to Amanda Kamppinen for her amazing photography throughout the retreat! Another big thank you to Chef Trimell for an insane menu lineup!

What is the Fresh Air Retreat?

The Fresh Air Retreat is an immersive event for food bloggers to learn from each other and grow their businesses. This retreat is sponsored by food brands, making it a super fun and delicious experience!

This retreat is very generously hosted by Liz from The Lemon Bowl and Lauren from The Curious Plate! They went way above and beyond in planning and executing this flawless event. Thank you to Liz and Lauren!

Day 1

The first night, we all arrived in Austin, Texas. We were greeted in a beautiful home and had a delicious Lebanese style charcuterie board and dinner. Everything was delicious!

Food bloggers on deck.

I loved meeting the other bloggers and learning more about their businesses.

Thankfully, the weather was great the whole time.

Day 2

The second day was jam-packed with activities! We started with a delicious breakfast hosted by Dave’s Killer Bread. Since I am gluten free and cannot eat their bread, I opted for fresh fruit, bacon, and avocado. I am hopeful that a gluten free bread is in the works!

Table with lunch trays.

They just launched Dave’s Killer snack bars in three new flavors. If these were gluten free, I would have tried them! They come in three delicious flavors: Cocoa Brownie Blitz, Trail Mix Crumble, and Oat-rageous Honey Almond.

Dave's bread on table.

Following this amazing breakfast, we had a strategy session with Raptive. Raptive is a full-service ad agency for websites. We learned about how to maximize revenue for our businesses. The Raptive rep was very kind and helpful. This strategy session was one of my favorite parts about the Fresh Air Retreat.

Fresh air retreat meeting.

After a delicious taco lunch, we returned to the house for a learning session with Zwilling. Learning about knife cuts was so interesting! I love their Fresh & Save Collection and use these products in my kitchen and pantry regularly. In addition, I highly recommend checking out their Fresh & Save 7-piece Starter Set.

Following the knife skills session, we were treated to a delicious dinner! I am still dreaming about this veggie chicken stir fry.

Day 3

The last morning began with a 90’s workout class sponsored by Dave’s Killer Bread. Their whole premise is Crush the Day!

Dance class at fresh air retreat.

Following that, we were treated to the most amazing lunch sponsored by Envy Apples! Their apples have a satisfying crunch and stay naturally white inside longer. This was one of my favorite parts about the Fresh Air Retreat.

Envy apple tablescape.

The first course was a sous vide apple amuse bouche. This little bite was sweet, tart, and incredibly delicious.

Apple amuse bouche.

Secondly, these chicken apple skewers were sweet and savory. The apples provided the perfect balanced sweetness. We had these on top of gluten free bread.

Chicken apple skewers.

Next, a delicious apple salad was so light and refreshing. See how white and crisp those apple slices are? Delicious.

Apple salad in bowls.

After that, the main course was salmon with an apple walnut risotto. I need to make that risotto at home!

Salmon with apples.

Finally, the dessert was a hollowed out Envy apple with frozen yogurt and dark chocolate drizzle. Divine! I need to try my Apple Pie Cookies with their apples. This lunch was a highlight at the Fresh Air Retreat.

Apple dessert on table.

Later that afternoon, we met with the Flor de Caña team and learned how to make espresso martinis. Their award-winning is family run and contains no added sugar.

Rum on table.

My favorite part was that little bite of dark chocolate!

Dark chocolate square.

That night, we were treated to dinner at the Four Seasons Austin. Everything was over the top amazing. From the service to the ambiance to the food, it was perfection. The restaurant, Ciclo, was incredibly delicious and they were very gluten free friendly!

Group of women standing.

We had tomahawk steak, chicken, and gluten free carrot cake cheesecake. Highly recommend if you are in the area. This was the perfect way to wrap up the Fresh Air Retreat!

Overall Thoughts

This three-day immersive Fresh Air Retreat was fun, insightful, and delicious! Food blogging is such a niche career, so I enjoyed meeting other women who understand my business.

I am incredibly grateful to Liz and Lauren for inviting me to go to this retreat! It was a blast and I highly recommend it to other bloggers!

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